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Services List for the Villa Salons Suite 4 location! 

Please call to get a consult about prices. All the items listed here can be found in the online booking system.


Hair Cutting Packages
You can choose one of four bundled hair cut packages! Each package applies a discount and includes several add-ons with one or two special options.


The Elective Spa for Men gives you the complete service package!

The Designer updates your style for a trendy polished look!

The Standard offers clean cut styles using traditional barber methods.

The Professional will help maintain a professional image with little maintenance.


Stand Alone Hair Cutting Services

Economically best chosen by the frequent flyer to save time as well as money. Generally these cuts take between 15 to 30 minutes.


Ask for the Express Cut stand alone if you are short on time but want a detailed and clean look. $33 value for $24


Ask for the Reshaper, if you don't want to shorten your hair, but need some lite clippering and heavy scissor detail to balance shape and clean up the perimeter. $24 value for $22


Ask for the Refresher, if you need maximum debulking (clipper with guards) to rid weight and litely detail the edges. $24 value for $22


Ask for the VIP if you are enlisted or a veteran, a public servant, retired or if you qualify as a senior. $18!


Ask for the Crown Cleanup (Buzz cut) if you want to keep it sweet and simple with no weight and no length. $15


The Spot check is a touch-up service for in between full service haircuts. $9


For Young men ages 16 to 19 the Young Style Refresher Clipper and Trimmer $15 value for $14


For Youth ages 15 and under the Youth's Crown Reshaper Scissor and Trimmer $15 value for $12


Ladies one length trim $15


Ladies uniform long layers with shampoo and lite blodry $45


Ladies VIP $20

Other Packages

Haircut & Solid Coverage or Demi Permanent Color Bundled wth Cut-based on time frame for cut, hair densities for color and color application type


Modification Stand Alone or Addon Services

These are all services which alter color or chemical composition of hair. Although these can be added to a haircut service, they are priced separately with no discounts.


Barber's Grooming Add-ons

These services may already be included in a haircutting package but can be received stand-alone for a specific charge. These services are called "grooming" as they consist of the removal of hair from scalp or skin).


Cosmetic Refinement Add-ons

These services are purely cosmetic treatments and may already be included in a package but can be received as stand-alone.


Preparatory Add-ons

These services are not elective but may be necessary to satisfactorily complete a service. You will be advised during consultation and given a quote).


Esthetic Wellness Product Programs to make youl look and feel wholesome! A session include product recommendations, sampling demo on uses, how to apply,  reviews and profiles. More information upcoming!

All Dermalogica treatments require an in-depth analysis and scope of skin with use of micro facial lens and lamp.  A prescriptive recommendation will be made and products sampled. Special discounts may apply. Will work with a medical providers diagnosis and treatment if the skin disorder or condition is not communicable.


I love weddings! If you would allow me to prep and style your special folks for your wedding party, I would be thrilled at the honor. A free consultation will provide more detail on the scope and pricing.

PURE HENNA BODY ARTISTRY - for hand, feet, arm and shoulder art, for brow shading or beard coloring. I used only pure henna, no substitutes.

MEMBER PLANS - Ask about our prepaid packages!  Just imagine, value, savings and convenience all rolled into one of four plans! Ask to see the catalog in my suite.


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