Increasing the hours to fill demand for the holidays!

It's so funny. You know I never dreamed my biz would grow at such a steady rate. Almost every week I have been making changes to accommodate flow and added requests. I owe it all to you guys! Faithful and true. I appreciate you.  Check out the new holiday hours!

A warm thank you to all my patrons who made Summer a success!

Please take advantage of browsing through the aqua colored binder in my suite. It contains complete descriptions of every service I provide including products used.


I have reworked the schedules based on time and dates patterns YOU created this summer. But holiday times trump all. Check out extended hours all the way to Mardi Gras!


Member plans are ready to roll. Choose between 4 different plans, realize smart savings and enjoy wonderful full service treatments. Ask about trading old plans from other salons for new ones at my suite!


Some of you are using online booking! This is great but if you prefer to text for an appointment time please include an email address so that I can send reminders for haircuts, appointment confirmations in Setmore and digital receipts from SquareUp!


I am sincerely appreciative of those who are sending me referrals. It means ALOT! Thank you once again!


Valued patrons do you enjoy birthday treats? When you come in please fill out a personal profile note and include your email and birthday for a discount the same day and special treat in a birthday mailer. No personal data will be sold or shared. Ever!



Two new developments at my mini salon suite!

As requested by a new guest, there are now 4 new member plans to the service list.


They can be paid for through Squareup. These plans allow you to buy your service hours ahead of time and enjoy a really good discount sampling services you might have not previously requested. Please inquire more.


In addition, the online booking system has been well received by return guests as well as new guests who have never been to my suite. It suggests to me that the operation of booking online is smooth and happens seamlessly. I get notification immediately to confirm your appointment and you will get to doublecheck the date, time and service you requested. I have added new services to the booking system to allow you to see the full range of what I have to offer there. Enjoy!




Welcome new guests and loyal friends! As the summer bears down to a fiery close, I want to thank all of you who ensured the summer was a success! My summer special two for one was well received. I want to remind you that it will continue as a back to school special until August's end.  The coming seasons look bright with new possibilities as I enter into a new and consistent schedule for you. This was determined from looking at scheduling patterns.  As one of my dear clients suggested I created a form which allows guests to sample and select services prior to performance. It comes with the opportunity to browse through a list of service descriptions that will acquaint you with my method of madness. Product samples will soon available as I am allowing YOU the client to tell me what you would like to see in a product line at R&R! Cheers!

So much has happened in May. Sadly, as old doors close, new doors have popped open wide.  Change is inevitable.  But the important thing is to be ready for every opportunity to advance forward. I have been pleasantly surprised by how many very wonderful clients (great people) have sought me out when they were surprised by my departure from working as an employee. It made me feel like what I have been doing for them has been meaningful. It makes what I am doing now in my own business so much more worthwhile! I  am thankful for the past experiences and people which have helped me shape, define and develop what I am able to do today.

Every service description explained...

As a barber, I have a passion for helping people and for helping them get the resources that will complete or maintain their looks.  I want to bring out the best in your image. So I have created a personal service guide that determines how to get the best value of the services I offer.  The service guide is part of my consultation and describes every service option including groups of service, service description, time length, price, who it best services and everything that is included in each service.  Move over street barber, now comes the academic....

About Consultations and Prescriptive Recommendations

How many times has your cosmetologist or barber sat you down and provided a real thorough consultation and analysis of your hair or skin?  Did you know they were trained for this? If this has not been part of your experience, don't despair. At R&R I carefully consider your personal needs and questions establishing a profile and prescription of services tailored to YOU! This is a free service and is included with every new guest service or when a change is necessary or desired. 

About Ayurveda in Suite 4 (R&R) at Villa Salons

Background about our barbershop/salon

We provide and administer grooming services and products for men heavily influenced by the concept of Ayurveda. These formulas have for thousands of years been considered fundamental in Eastern medicine and therapies.

Ayurveda as a concept is now widespread and includes the popular application of organic products and services for cosmetic grooming and refining. Some purveyors of salon services and products may only tout that they make and sell Ayurvedic products and services. But consumers should carefully consider the value received from such labels.

At R&R, we have through extensive research and discovery obtained the real thing for use in our salon . Many of our product applications are Ayurvedic in nature and are often
imported from Eastern Asia in their pure organic formulations. We use and sell high grade oils for skin and hair with no chemical alterations.  Want more information? Please just ask.

April 27,2018

Its been one month since opening. Everything going as planned. A few construction changes planned but salon is now fully operable.  There are new pages for additional service descriptions on the website that will be added in the near future.  The link for salon online booking is available with the provision of an email address  from guests.  A stylebook pamphlet is available in the suite for those interested in the Designer package. It will be updated seasonally.  Someone suggested having a stylebook on hand but these become outdated quickly. We stay on the cutting ‘edge’. There will soon be an outreach planned for new guests. Details coming soon.

April 10, 2018

 Now.... it is time to cross off that pesky line item on my five year plan and move forward marching like a soldier.....

Great News for the Barber world!

On April 9, 2018, I became a BARBER! AHHHHH! The test was so hard! But with the help and support of my boss JM Stern, the patience, kindness and dedication of my instructor Eros Shaw and the encouragement, assistance and friendship of my client A. Wilibanks and lots of others like these, I made it!  A BIG THANK YOU! You guys are awesome!

April 6, 2018 news

I hope you enjoyed Easter Sunday. We had a nice turnout and many visitors to the site. Stay tuned for these and other community events associated with the shop.


We currently have haircare services only for men. However in the future we will expand to paramedical skin care for women as well.


Every service comes with free consultation.

A Grand Day for opening

A Good Sunday morning to you. Spring has now sprung. My shop is now fully operable although still under constructive design. I picked April 1st as my Grand Opening day because it falls on Resurrection Sunday!  At R & R we have special reasons for celebrating......for the Son has risen on this day. Blessed be everyone that professes His name without shame...  Happy Resurrection Sunday! We got coffee and cake!! Stop by and take a peek! After church of course. From 1 to 2 today. Or else visit our website!