About Weddings!

Now you can ask for assistance with wedding planning. I offer wedding party packages for the men in the "family".


For a group of eight, you can schedule hours of grooming options to make the day picture perfect!


Who gets groomed? The bridegroom, the best man, the groomsman, the two dads or substitutes, the usher, the ring-bearer, and the page.


A non-refundable deposit will be required and a reservation at least two months ahead of the planned date. It will be prudent also to get style details ahead of time for all the grooming party guests. The full payment will be rquired on the day of the wedding to cover all expenses, supples and travel time. Prices are not prorated and will include charges for a party of eight irregardless of the number in your party. So try to Include a best uncle, the parson, and brothers or brother-in-laws to get the most out of this plan.


What can every guest expect? A lite trim, blo dry brushing and styling the hair with products, a neck shave, sideburns and edgeup, lite beard or mustache trim and eyebrow trim. Any one of these services can be included as needed.


Make the most of your special day!


Please call for a consult and price!